Greetings citizen. I am Onvin,a guard here in Whiterun. And, I might be Dragonborn and just not know it yet.
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hello everyone.

this is my dog jax, he recently has been having troubles getting up with his hind legs whenever he is laying down or sitting, and whenever he runs, his legs always stop working properly and he falls on the ground.

this is my main concern for him right now. i need to get him into the vet to get checked out to see if he will need surgery. but i need to by the end of the month, because it’s his one year birthday, and if he does need surgery, it will not be covered by petland, where we had purchased him from.

now you see my concerns abut my 11 month old puppy potentionally not having the long life he was promised.

my family does not have the cash or any resources to pay for his surgery. which leaves it up to me to pay for it. but there’s another problem, i don’t have a job YET, i’ve submitted 20 applications in the past month and not one person has called me back, i’ve done odd jobs to try and pay for it but sadly not a stable job.

so here i am, asking for money. 

i don’t want donations. they are nice yes.

but commissions is what i really want to do for you guys. i love earning my money.

commission info here

if you donate it. i would be just as grateful. and i will end up drawing you a picture even if you refuse. or make a super post exclaiming what a great person you are

so the deadline for the vet visit, for enough time to get him ready for surgery, just incase.


Vet Visit Progress: $20/$175-$200

so if you could pass this along it’d be beautiful.



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((Three IC facts are:

1. When Onvin lived in Rorikstead, he earned money by helping farmers with their farms.

2. His favorite color is yellow

3.  When he first moved to Whiterun, he had a crush on Olfina Gray-Mane

Thee OOC facts are:

1. I’m 15 now! :D

2. I have two cats

3. I have never broken a bone or sprained anything in my life))

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I will avenge your knee.


Anonymous asked
What is the strangest song you've ever heard?

Ragnar the Red is a pretty odd song…




The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Hearthfire - Official Trailer (by BethesdaSoftworks)

((I saw this and flailed about making inhuman noises.))

[You can adopt children. o_o *covers Gaelle’s ears*]

((saklfnhsbskfnsa I can make Valund and Ryn houses? ;___; <- tears of joy.
So, this is legit, not fake? I still wish they’d add wood elves to marry and possible to make half-breeds. )) 


i can so excited and it’s available the day after my birthday! :D))

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Bonjour, monsieur! Je m'appelle Denise, et toi?


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Send a number to my ask and I’ll tell you…


Let’s try some interesting headcanons:

1: What is their favorite color?
2: What is their scent? (natural or with products)
3: At what time of day do they work best? As in, are they a night owl or a morning person?
4: What is their favorite flavor?
5: In what position do they often sleep?
6: Describe their handwriting.
7: Describe their voice.
8: What is their favorite animal?
9: What is their favorite thing to drink?
10: What is their comfort food?
11: Describe their ‘fashion sense,’ or what their closet would look like.
12: Are they a good cook?
13: Are they clean and organized, is their room a wreck, or are they somewhere in between?
14: How do they decorate? Is there a specific style? Or do they not decorate at all?
15: What is their top sense? (Sight, smell, touch, etc.)
16: Left or right handed?
17: Any OCD tendencies?
18: What is their taste in music?
19: What is their sleeping attire?
20: Are they more of an outdoors or indoors person?


I get really pissed off when I’m talking to guards and they say “Maybe I’m the Dragonborn, i just don’t know it yet.” DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?

No, actually we live in the barracks.


I get really pissed off when I’m talking to guards and they say “Maybe I’m the Dragonborn, i just don’t know it yet.”

No, actually we live in the barracks.

Anonymous asked
5, 6, 7, 16,19

5: In what position do they often sleep?

Already answered~

6: Describe their handwriting.

I don’t really know to describe it but I tried to create it in paint. His handwriting is very similar to this

7: Describe their voice.

I never actually came up with a voice for him. I just use the voice that they use in the game

16: Left or right handed?

Right handed

19: What is their sleeping attire?

He sleeps shirtless and he wears trousers that are like the ragged trousers in the game, but his aren’t ragged and are better quality

dalamusrex asked
5, 12, 17

5: In what position do they often sleep?

He sleeps in the fetal position mostly

12: Are they a good cook?

Not at all!

17: Any OCD tendencies?

The only one he really has is if he cracks his knuckles on one hand, he has to do it on the other hand!